MillerCoors’ super quick Super Bowl strategy


Don’t look away during Sunday’s televised Super Bowl game or you might miss MillerCoors’ super-quick ads.

Milwaukee-based MillerCoors [[TAP]] is rolling out a group of 24 one-second commercials in a campaign intended to mock the gratuitous spending advertisers lavish upon the biggest football game and television night of the year.

The one-second “blink” ads will run in 25 NBC markets (about 60 percent of the total audience) and if you check out there’s obviously a lot for the brewing company to choose from.

Some of the one-second ads include actor Windell Middlebrooks, better known as the Miller High Life deliveryman, saying famous Miller High Life tag lines such as “High Life,” “Beer’s Here,” “Champagne of Beers” and “Miller Time.” Others are more memorable for a different reason. The commercials with “Bonjour Milwaukee” or the end of the Star Spangled Banner are sure to draw people’s attention, if only for a second.

While the one-second ads will be shown on Super Bowl Sunday, the campaign is actually intended to boost sales of Miller High Life for the game. The company started airing a 30-second commercial this week introducing the one-second ads starring actor Middlebrooks.

Andy England, chief marketing officer at MillerCoors, told USA Today:

If we want people to drink our beer watching the big game, then we have to advertise before the big game.

Even in a down economy, advertisers are spending up to $3 million per 30-second spot on this Sunday’s game. One of MillerCoors’ biggest competitors, Anheuser-Busch, routinely produces some of the top-rated commercials of the Super Bowl. This is a way for MillerCoors’ to steal some of the spotlight.

It will also be cheaper. England said that the entire one-second campaign, which includes the 30-second spot, one-second commercial and a Web site costs less than $3 million total.

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