Microsoft launches online marketing for IE8


A screenshot of IE8 ads on YouTube
A screenshot of IE8 ads on YouTube




According to a recent tracking record from Net Applications, a market search firm, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 “has quietly yet quickly” ascended its usage market share to over 3 percent.

“We say ‘quietly’ because Microsoft curiously hasn’t been actively marketing the new browser,” the company said in a statement.

But are we looking at the right place to find the ads? As social media grows rapidly, many businesses are using it, rather than traditional online media, for their marketing.

In Microsoft’s case, the software giant is using YouTube.  Microsoft has released videos such as the “History of the Internet” video or “Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 – A Firefox Killer?” on YouTube as part of its promotion against competitor Firefox.

“We have been running a wide variety of online marketing campaigns around the world,” Internet Explorer senior director Amy Barzdukas replied to a tech Web site editor. “The beauty of internet marketing is that you can, in fact, target audiences.”

Barzdukas added that the company has been launching “a very deep search engine optimization campaign across multiple search engines, banner advertising, contextual advertising, even ads on Facebook.”

KFC Hawaii launched a Web site Wednesday. It has also joined the growing list of companies using twitter marketing when it set up a Twitter account this week, from which it tweeted: “Hey everyone. The redone, revamped, reinvigorated KFC Hawaii website is now live! Check it out at!”

@KFChawaii has 20 followers and has been following 23 others. Steve Johnson, general manager of KFC Hawaii, said in a statement:


“We wanted to reach out to the consumers who are scouring the Web for new deals. We’re hoping to attract new customers while providing added value to our existing ones.”

According to the latest estimates from Web analytics company, there are about 14 million Twitter users per month and 91 million monthly Facebook users. The twitter users have grown more than 12 times compared to the number a year ago.

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