MMM Poll: You think Obama’s stimulus strategy is failing

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When we asked you to grade President Obama’s fiscal strategy so far, an overwhelming number — nearly two-thirds — voted for a grade of “F.” A sample of 39 people isn’t a lot to draw conclusive answers from, but with 29 respondents giving Obama a failing grade, it was enough to make us wonder:

What do you think he’s doing wrong?

We’re hoping you take the poll below and, even better, respond to this post with your thoughts on Obama’s handling of the nation’s financial crisis.

And likewise, if you feel Obama deserves an “A” (like the lone poll respondent who voted so), please drop us a line below.

Some points to consider in generating your answer:

  • Cash For Clunkers drew in nearly 700,000 heaps for newer, more fuel-efficient trade-ins.
  • Obama announced Tuesday that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke will be staying on for a second term.
  • Higher taxes may be on the horizon to fund health care reform.
  • US debt is expected to double within the next decade.

Below is a screenshot of our previous poll results:

  • Medill Money Mavens poll result. The question: How would you grade Obama's stimulus strategy so far?


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