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Written By: Peter Rawlings on May 14, 2012 No Comment
Italian borrowing costs tick up amid continued debt concerns

Italy saw borrowing costs tick up as it auctioned 5.25 billion euros in debt Monday. Still, Italian yields were well below those of Spain, which also raised money by selling bonds.

Written By: Kimberly Elsham on March 8, 2012 No Comment
Investing in France not a propos ahead of elections

Thinking of investing your dollars in the land of wine, cheese and haut couture? Now may not be the best time. France’s presidential elections could usher in a socialist leader whose views threaten to shake up the delicate balance in the eurozone among leaders trying to solve the region’s sovereign debt crisis.

Written By: Rachel Landen on March 1, 2012 No Comment
German finance minister plays numbers game with Sudoku, European economy

The German economy shows signs of recovery – auto sales are up, exports are on the rise, share prices are increasing – but fears and doubts driven by the debt crisis continue to dominate the European commentary.

Written By: Kristin Keith on February 21, 2012 No Comment
U.K. posts January budget surplus but debt crisis still looms

The United Kingdom posted a January budget surplus, but the country still faces difficult economic issues from the euro zone’s debt crisis.

Written By: Marissa Oberlander on May 11, 2011 No Comment
What you need to know before you take the plunge with Germany

Before beginning any relationship, be it romantic or financial, everyone knows you should consider the pros and cons. Let’s take a look at Europe’s largest economy.

Written By: Catherine Ngai on July 8, 2010 No Comment
European banks feeling a little stress

Everyone experiences a little bit of stress from time to time and European banks are no different.

Last month, members of the European Council agreed that a new set of stress tests would be applied to 91 publically-traded banks across the continent to prevent another banking crisis.

Written By: lapatton on May 27, 2009 No Comment
Spain’s jobless rate highest in the Eurozone

Spain's unemployment rate is more than double that of the U.S. (Leslie Patton/MEDILL)


Spain’s unemployment rate has soared to 17.4 percent, the highest of the European countries.  The only countries that come close to Spain’s […]

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